Hi, I'm Angela

a UX designer based in NYC hoping to
bring more smiles to the world

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Pfizer Clinical Trials

UI/UX, Design System

PfizerClinicalTrials.com needed a new look, with some additional functional improvements.


FIT A&DD Senior Show

Website Design

A website dedicated to the senior thesis projects done by FIT’s Advertising & Digital Class of 2020

American Museum of Natural History

Digital wayfinding (App, tablet, Kiosk)

Reconstructed the museum’s navigation system and experience to make it more family-friendly by designing an app, interactive display, and kiosk

Creative Conscience logo (fingerprint inside a red circle)

Creative Conscience - Silver

BBC Sound Booth

Digital Wayfinding / Experiential Campaign

A campaign that utilizes data to provide a platform for young British adults to voice their bottled opinions


App Design

A service that sends you footage of concerts without having to put your hand up in the air